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Living and Learning at TCNJ

Here’s a beautiful TCNJ irony: Even when you’re kicking back you wind up kicking it up a notch.

Campus life has a crazy knack for being so much more. Your amazing friends? A lifelong support network. That charity run you organized? A chance to hone your leadership skills. The piece you produced for Lions TV? A standout on your résumé. One big reason not to worry too much about balancing living and learning at TCNJ: Sometimes it’s impossible to tell the two apart.


"I feel very connected to the school. There are some really great and genuine people here who are supportive in everything that you want to do—that’s such an amazing feeling."

David Brown, communication studies major

Something For Everyone

Students who are vastly different (or surprisingly similar!) all come together to create our vibrant campus life.

You’re not one thing. Neither are we! Ways to explore who you are (and who you might become) at TCNJ are endless—and endlessly inventive. Food truck festival? Pop-up thrift shop? Cardboard boat regatta? Students make it all happen; we simply supply a framework to build on. So add your energy and ingenuity to the mix. A community created by everyone is a community that belongs to everyone.


"I think there’s an organization for every possible interest, or at least someone interested in starting one. My only issue is that I can’t do everything! If I could, I'd probably be involved in 15 different clubs!"

Rosie Driscoll, women’s and gender studies and history double major

Home Away From Home

Our suburban neighborhood has just the right mix of the something new and the tried and true.

Friday night movie? Lunch at the mall? Or maybe a quick Target run? Hop the Loop Bus and you’re there. Our location in suburban Ewing puts you close to the retail and restaurant choices you know and love—plus a few new ones. Feel adventurous? Grab your friends for a visit to downtown Princeton (just 15 minutes away) or a day trip to Philly or New York (via the Hamilton train station).


"My friends and I love to hang out in Philly and explore. There are nights when we have so much work to do, but still find time to go get milkshakes and cheesesteaks there."

Kevin Kim, biology major